Americas Finest Hour

Americas Finest Hour
Americas Finest Hour Americas Finest Hour
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"This is truly inspiring and the embodiment of American values.  Listening to President Reagan in "America's Finest Hour" takes the listener in a virtual time machine back to Independence Hall and other great moments in history in a way that only the Great Communicator could.  And as the Grassroots conservative movement continues to gain steam, this lost piece of American History brings that movement, the Constitution and its very values to life."

Reagan's moniker of "The Great Communicator'' was far more than a soundbite. He earned it by articulating, in resonant and measured tones, the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of many Americans. He gave voice to their unashamed pride in the United States, to their devoted and sentimental attachment to the ideas and principles upon which the nation was founded. What he communicated was not so much his own vision, but our own highest ideals about what America could and should be.

"America's Finest Hour is a masterful narrative that is passionately delivered by President Ronald Reagan. This Academy Award-Winning work, Remastered for CD, will captivate each listener with an inspiring and educational journey through America's most crucial years. Reagan's eloquent dialogue is accompanied by rousing music and stunning sound effects. This work of art has received the highest praise from critics, public officials and Americans everywhere as the embodiment of American values.

As you listen, you will swell with patriotic prode as you are taken back in time to the founding of our nation. You will smell the gunpowder, feel the cold howling wind at Valley Forge, experience the solemn and significant inauguration of our 1st President, George Washington, visualize the scene at Independence Hall as World History is made.

You will relive the founding of our nation and experience the Constitution like never before!

This CD is a must-listen experience for every Patriot, Ronald Reagan fan, history buff and proud American.

Listen to Previews of "America's Finest Hour":

John Adams Nominates Colonel Washington

John Adams Radical Call for Freedom

The Constitution of the United States of America

Declaration of Independence

 Philadelphia, Congress and Still Endless Debates


"This vivid chronicle of the most crucial years in American History is living testimony to the tremendous contribution that art can make to life."

"To be listened to on every 4th of July and several times in between."

"President Reagan and his beliefs are as timeless as our Founding Fathers & his idol, President Lincoln. America's Finest Hour inspires pride and patriotism in the American people and is an instant classic and piece of American History."

"The Great Communicator makes your proud and feel good to be an American. President Reagan takes you on a journey to the founding of our nation and makes it LIVE for each listener!"

"If you are a history buff, proud and patriotic American or fan of President Reagan, you will undoubtedly enjoy and appreciate this work. With stirring music and realistic sound effects, Ronald Reagan takes you to the front lines of the Revolutionary War through the excellent portrayal of one fighting it. Back to the old tradition of the "You Were There" radio programs, the listener will be able to smell the gunpowder and visualize the scene at Independence Hall as the foundation of our great country was in progress."

"America's Finest Hour deserves to be heard, over and over again. Lest we forget."

"Probably Reagan's most fitting role & stirring role - Playing a patriot who loves his country."

"Hearing America's history unfold thru Reagan's rousing and passionate delivery, will bring our history to life in a way that no textbook could ever do."

"This CD will bring tears to your eyes and evoke a patriotic wistfulness you did not know you had. It will also provoke some interesting thoughts on the state of our Nation, its Citizens, and its Leaders today."

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